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    Emergent’s Flower Street reactor can make oil by photosynthesis

    Posted on by anoop

    Emergent, who are Los Angeles based architects have designed an installation that has been filled with algae that can produce oil by photosynthesis. The Flower Street BioReactor is made of transparent acrylic and contains LED lights that vary in color … Continue reading3

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    Recycling oil rigs into hotels and spa

    Posted on by shilpa

    Morris Architects took home the first prize as well as $10,000 for the concept of adaptive reuse for converting oil rigs into hotels and spa. To understand this innovation, a background understanding of oil rigs is necessary. There are about … Continue reading3

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    Oil minister from Middle East speaks out against alternative renewable energies

    Posted on by deepa

    While the rest of the globe is gearing up with zest to combat the rising gasoline prices along with the carbon footprints that such fossil fuels leave behind, some people in the Middle East are feeling the heat of the … Continue reading3

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    Hollywood still rakes in cash as oil prices rise

    Posted on by mohsin

    Fuel prices affect all but now movie studios are feeling the production pinch, but for some in Hollywood it barely matters. Ingo Volkammer’s Leomax Entertainment, a Los Angeles- and Berlin-based financing and production banner, has found that the jump in … Continue reading3

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    US Defense feels the pinch as oil prices soar

    Posted on by yogesh

    There was a time in the early 1990s when Fighter pilots would use their government allotted fighters to fly to remote locations for golf matches with teammates who were co-pilots in some other part of the country. Those days pilots … Continue reading3

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