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    Mexico City’s busiest street receives a landscaping overhaul

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    What better replacement for a traffic-congested than a serene park with fountains and walkways? Mexico City will soon see the construction of an elevated promenade about the bustling 10-lane road that runs west to east, connecting Chapultepec Park to the … Continue reading3

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    BP pleads guilty; pays $4.5 billion penalty for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill

    Posted on by gavril

    Two years ago, the marine life in the Gulf of Mexico was made to face one of the worst man-made calamities, an oil spill. Caused by a Deepwater Horizon explosion and massive oil spill on the part of BP, one … Continue reading3

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    Mexico to have largest LED street lighting program in Latin America

    Posted on by gavril

    Mexico’s streets were destined to green ever since the announcement by Quintana Roo’s Estate Governor Félix González Canto at the UN Climate Change Conference surfaced. The municipality of Othón Blanco will now put away those old energy gobbling street lights … Continue reading3

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    The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico finally clogged

    Posted on by gavril

    After destroying most of its surrounding environment, the Macondo in the Gulf of Mexico has finally and successfully been clogged up. A cementing of the well was done, with cement and mud being used to clog up, using what will … Continue reading3

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