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    McDonald’s eco-friendly packaging packs style as well

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    They may be the overlords of junk food but when it comes to saving the environment from unnecessary pollutants, McDonald’s seems to fit snuggly in with the good guys. The brand will be rolling out eco-friendly carry-out bags, fountain drink … Continue reading3

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    Recycled oil used to make French fries at McDonalds now powers delivery trucks

    Posted on by gavril

    Well, oily French fries aren’t all that bad after all. Sure they make you obese, clog your arteries and make you suffer from various heart diseases. They also happen to power up vehicles too! In a bid to turn a … Continue reading3

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    McDonald’s first green restaurant charges your Electric vehicle too

    Posted on by deepa

    McDonald’s is wooing its eco-consumers with a green option. And before you drool over the thought of eco-friendly fries/burgers from McDonalds, allow me to enlighten you with their much stronger green stand. Teaming up with NovaCharge, a leader in the … Continue reading3

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