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    Kickstarter’s B-Squares solar modular electronic kit panels interconnect with magnets

    Posted on by gavril

    It’s about time you give up on that Rubik’s cube you’ve been twisting and turning all along. Now spend your free time playing around with a cube that’s a lot more worth-while and a lot less brain-scratching. Called the B-Squares, … Continue reading3

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    The Zen Lampshade by Andrej Čverha is powered by magnets

    Posted on by gavril

    Everyone loves a beautifully lit room, with aesthetically pleasing lighting arrangements. Designer Andrej Čverha came up with this beautiful lighting solution that, besides casting a pleasing glow, powers up with in an exceptionally unique way, with the use of magnets! … Continue reading3

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    New Superconductor magnet that saves energy

    Posted on by shvveta

    Florida State University has decided to contribute about $1 million towards the total $3 million magnet that is to be constructed at the National Magnetic Field Laboratory. This new high tech one is made to generate a field about 45% … Continue reading3

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    Eco-friendly magnetic fridges and air-conditioners closer to reality

    Posted on by anoop

    New research has brought magnetic fridges and air-conditioners a step closer to reality. Magnetic refrigeration technology could provide a ‘green alternative’ to traditional energy-guzzling gas-compression fridges and air-conditioners. These new systems would require 20-30 percent less energy than the best … Continue reading3

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    Lego + Solar Power + Magnets = LEGO Mendocino Motor

    Posted on by deepa

    Back in school, if you were a science student then you would have worked on the Mendo Motor. It is a solar-powered magnetically levitating motor that helps to understand the woodworking, electricity, magnestism and also the benefits of solar power. … Continue reading3

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    Computer circuit boards recycled into Mini Magnetic Clipboards for green reminders

    Posted on by deepa

    Though the term “green” may be passé for some, the concept certainly still rakes in more business. Eco sells and so will the Recycled Computer Circuit Board Mini Magnetic Clipboard. Here is an out-of-the-box green gift for your teen or … Continue reading3

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