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    Levi’s and Evrnu create jeans with 50 percent recycled cotton

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    Can your old clothes be recycled to create new ones? Why not? In fact, your old t-shirts could be repurposed to make a swanky pair of jeans. That’s just what Levi’s and Evrnu worked on together. The company had earlier … Continue reading3

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    Levi’s to manufacture jeans from recycled bottles

    Posted on by gavril

    The company Levi’s has been known for the clothing it manufacturers, particularly jeans. The company has now taken a greener turn and has announced the “Waste

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    Water Less Jeans by Levi’s, an eco-friendly pair that you’ll love to wear

    Posted on by gavril

    Did you know those jeans you’ve been pulling up your legs all this while use up a load of water while manufacturing? Well, we were pretty surprised when we realized just how much water is used in manufacturing jeans too, … Continue reading3

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