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    Lego to pull the plug on petroleum-based plastic bricks

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    Who would have thought of Lego going the green way? The company thrives on plastic-based bricks and have been the creative building blocks of adults and youngsters for decades. The brand however has decided to play its role in global … Continue reading3

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    Lego-made energy-efficient PC case packs three computer’s worth

    Posted on by gavril

    And if you’ve been under the impression that Lego bricks are nothing but child’s play, think again! What we’ve got here, is an energy-efficient custom PC case made from 2,000 black Lego bricks. And yes, its super fast, with 12 … Continue reading3

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    Lego + Solar Power + Magnets = LEGO Mendocino Motor

    Posted on by deepa

    Back in school, if you were a science student then you would have worked on the Mendo Motor. It is a solar-powered magnetically levitating motor that helps to understand the woodworking, electricity, magnestism and also the benefits of solar power. … Continue reading3

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