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    Samsung plans to go large in Africa with upcoming forum in Kenya

    Posted on by gavril

    Keeping the energy crisis in Africa in mind, Samsung has planned for a forum in Kenya scheduled to be held this week in regards to launching notebooks, tablets, appliances, and other electronics build to perfection specifically for use in the … Continue reading3

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    Largest wind farm in Africa will come up in Kenya to dole out 300 megawatt of power

    Posted on by gavril

    Kenya will now raise its head up in pride, proudly showing off a wind farm of its own. In Africa, 700 million people have no access to electricity. And with progress, the energy needs of the continent will indeed increase … Continue reading3

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    HabiHut solar powered water kiosks in Kenya

    Posted on by gavril

    Kenya now plays home to three new HabiHut solar water kiosks installed by HabiHut, LLC. These water kiosks installed in cooperation with Umande Trust, a Kenyan based NGO were set up quickly in just a single day. Water kiosks usually … Continue reading3

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    Solar-powered internet café helps Nairobi log on

    Posted on by gavril

    Nairobi, Kenya, is now connected to the world with the internet with the help of solar juice! An internet café powered by solar power has been set up by the Computer Aid International built in union with the Computers for … Continue reading3

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    Solar powered phone launched in Kenya

    Posted on by anoop

    You know what the best thing of Africa is, there is no shortage of sunshine and Kenya is utilizing this free source of energy which is abundantly available by launching a solar powered phone. Kenya’s leading mobile network operator Safaricom … Continue reading3

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