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    ‘Freegans’ Promote ‘freeconomics’ and Recycling to Save Environment

    Posted on by madhuri

    ‘Freegans’ have become talk of the town in Bristol and elsewhere. They are people who promote alternate living strategies such as not being part of the capitalist and consumer oriented society. In a nutshell they shun the money oriented world … Continue reading3

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    Tony Parker builds bike from junk and also a solar-wind powered charging station

    Posted on by anoop

    Well this could be an inspiration to all. This guy just built a bike from the junk he found and that too powered by electricity. How and why? Well, recession made him lose his job and he had bags of … Continue reading3

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    DIY – Recycled necklace from junk guarantees spooky look

    Posted on by deepa

    Feeling lost at the thought of buying the perfect gift for your geeky gal? If you are looking for something out of the box, then here’s an exceptional DIY recycled neckpiece for your geek-diva or eco-babe. Simply rummage through the … Continue reading3

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