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    ThermalTech jacket leverages solar power to warm athletes in extreme climate

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    Indulging in sports and fitness activities in cold climates pose a unique challenge. Athletes and participants are generally compelled to put on layers of clothing that weigh them down, thus hampering performance. That’s where something as innovative as the ThermalTech … Continue reading3

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    Wearing a jacket made of recycled computer keys, not so much of a fashion statement

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve seen them all, snakes, benches and photo frames, all made from recycled keyboards. The list of things you can design out of old trashed-out keyboards doesn’t stop here! This time we came across a jacket, all sophisticated and dressy, … Continue reading3

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    Solar Powered jacket from Zegna

    Posted on by shvveta

    Learning from others mistakes is common, but finding faults in one’s own design is quite difficult to admit. Italian high end fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna has done just that when it launched its second version of a solar jacket- Ecotech … Continue reading3

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    Solar vest to charge gadgets on the go

    Posted on by monali

    The CVFR-S09 Solar Vest is the perfect fusion of fashion and technology. While it helps you look stylish it also helps charge your portable gadgets such as, cameras, cell phones, and notebooks computers. This super comfortable and convenient vest has … Continue reading3

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