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    Strategic Carbon Management program by IBM to analyze energy spent

    Posted on by shilpa

    IBM has introduced its plans to analyze their CO2 emissions and energy use at any given point. The program is called the Strategic Carbon Management can help reduce up to 50 per cent of CO2 emissions by gathering, managing and … Continue reading3

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    Harvard and IBM aim to fabricate cheaper organic solar power cells

    Posted on by deepa

    Time to find an affordable alternative for silicon-based photovoltaic solar cells and trust our scientists at Harvard and IBM to come up with such green solutions for a clean future. They are up on a revolutionary project that will enable … Continue reading3

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    Big Blue IBM launches Project Big Green

    Posted on by yogesh

    It’s very rare that a IT infrastructure company takes the initiative to offer its clients a complete green solution in its product package itself. Project Big Green by IBM, is a $1 billion project aimed to provide customers with high … Continue reading3

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