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    Will ‘Smart Fridges’ Redeem Themselves Using Green Technology?

    Posted on by madhuri

    Refrigerators and air conditioners have always been seen as main culprit for depletion of ozone layer and energy consumption. But with green technology now things may change, fridges have already become “smart fridges” by cutting down power use of freezers … Continue reading3

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    Classic Austrian Motorboat Frauscher Goes Green

    Posted on by madhuri

    It is difficult to make transition from old technology to new greener alternatives without compromising on good old classic designs. Classic Austrian Motorboat Company has launched four new green Frauscher models which use hybrid propulsion system and this has not … Continue reading3

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    Solar Power with Foldable 3D Solar Cells around Optical Fibre Could Be Next Green Revolution!

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    Solar power is the best green renewable energy option but it is not yet efficient, feasible and viable option for large scale power generation. Solar panels with photovoltaic cells are not very affordable and their dimensions are such huge that … Continue reading3

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