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    The 5 Must-Haves For A Greener Home

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    There’s a good chance homes across the country could become a lot greener over the years. The government seems to be encouraging energy efficiency with rebates and incentives, while homeowners realize how much value they can add to their homes … Continue reading3

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    A Trendy Kill-A-Watt Graphical Timer for Modern Eco Homes

    Posted on by madhuri

    For all those people who really want to become more eco conscious and save energy, Kill-A-Watt Graphical Timer the better improved digital version of mechanical Kill-A-Watt timer will be a boon. It not only monitors, measures but can help you … Continue reading3

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    New green hi-tech home saves more energy with more efficient electronics systems

    Posted on by shilpa

    When one is obsessed with saving energy he becomes really obsessed. Hence is the case with this particular high-tech house in California. It helps to shed energy by automatically cutting power to its array of high-end electronics. What happens is … Continue reading3

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