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    The electric PVI garbage truck takes out the garbage in a green way

    Posted on by gavril

    Here’s a greener way to taking out your trash to the landfill, an all-electric garbage truck. This shiny new truck, that seriously looks cute for a garbage truck, promises to keep the air clean, with only a bit of smelly … Continue reading3

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    Fuel-efficient hybrid garbage truck developed by Peterbilt and Eaton Corporation

    Posted on by gavril

    Ever noticed those big trucks that pick up your bins, tip in the contents and carry it all to a landfill or a recycling plant? Smelt the smoke and smelly fumes they leave behind? Well, they’re out to stink, not … Continue reading3

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    Garbage vans in UK get their juice from the trash collected

    Posted on by deepa

    As the trend of resorting to alternative energy is gaining ground, it isn’t surprising to come across a trash van that is actually powered by the garbage it collects. Folks residing in Yorkshire can watch this green self powered garbage … Continue reading3

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