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    Urban Concept Vehicle Fitted with Water Purifier for the Future Third World in 2030

    Posted on by madhuri

    Climate Change, global warming is our immediate concern and future predictions are very grim. Designers are already gearing up by coming up with futuristic designs. Urban Concept Vehicle is one such design and it is designed for urban poor of … Continue reading3

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    Eko Housing Will be the Green Eiffel Tower in Dubai

    Posted on by madhuri

    If you are traveler seeking out beauty and splendor then in near future you may travel down to Dubai to see this Eiffel Tower, which is a replica design of original Eiffel in Paris. This awesome replica is in fact … Continue reading3

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    Futuristic Recyclable Paper Laptop Design

    Posted on by madhuri

    Computer and modern technology is becoming highly indispensible and there is constant innovation with new improved gadgets and accessories replacing the old. Thus disposing off old electronic gadgets becomes very difficult as most parts are non-biodegradable and extremely harmful to … Continue reading3

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