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    Rasmussen Reports poll 1,000 Americans on what they think of fossil fuel dependency

    Posted on by gavril

    Maybe the oil spill in the Gulf doesn’t bother you too much. Maybe you’ve heard of it, and shrugged it away. Maybe it has bothered you, but not too much to keep you on your toes. This has been a … Continue reading3

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    MIT Lab Finds Way to Make Gadgets More Efficient by Tapping Waste Heat energy

    Posted on by madhuri

    Right from power plants to cars to cell phones much of coveted energy tapped from burning fossil fuels gets wasted as heat energy that is released from them all. MIT labs are working to tap this very heat energy and … Continue reading3

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    Most Polluting Coal Power Plants around the Globe

    Posted on by madhuri

    Want to have a look at serious CO2 offenders around the globe? Forbes.com has compiled comprehensive data along with interactive map to identify 200 most polluting power plants in the world. These are the dirtiest of the lot. The interactive … Continue reading3

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