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    IBM software makes buildings energy efficient

    Posted on by gavril

    Our apartment homes in future will be a lot more efficient than they currently are. Entwining technology with home electricity use, systems like IBM’s latest software will help users keep tabs on just how much energy they’ve been using, helping … Continue reading3

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    Transplant GPS Fuel calculator keeps a tab on gas consumption too

    Posted on by deepa

    Till now the GPS devices helped travelers to reach their desired destinations without hassles. But this guiding gadget can now boast of a smart green feature as Transplant GPS is shipping out the first portable GPS devices with “gas counter”. … Continue reading3

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    Cook and Save Energy with an adjustable Oven

    Posted on by deepa

    We buy an oven according to the size of our family…..larger families means big meals which needs to be cooked in full sized ovens. However most of us do come across a situation when we just want to cook or … Continue reading3

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    Green Obama promises greener White House

    Posted on by deepa

    White will be the new green in America as the White House will soon be modified to be more eco-friendly. US president-elect Barack Obama intends to change, not the color white of the structure but the energy consumption of this … Continue reading3

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