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    Electromagnetic energy harvester generates electricity from rail-track vibrations

    Posted on by gavril

    In a world with quickly depleting fossil fuels, looking for alternate ways to generate electricity is the need of the hour! Recently, researchers from the Stony Brook University have come up with a device that generates electricity from vibrations. When … Continue reading3

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    Flower Power smart energy meter “dies” on detecting excess energy usage

    Posted on by gavril

    If conventional home-energy meters have failed to keep you interested in just how much energy you use on a daily basis, give this innovative design by created by two university students in Falmouth, UK. Called the Flower Power, this concept … Continue reading3

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    Flywheels could be the answer to green energy storage in the future

    Posted on by gavril

    A unique energy storing plant in New York will show up soon enough, using flywheels to save up all the extra power. Beacon Power, based in Massachusetts, states that the plant will help buffer 20 megawatts of power on the … Continue reading3

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    Eco-friendly kettle by Kenwood saves 35% energy

    Posted on by gavril

    Eco-consciousness is spreading around the globe and designs for eco-friendly products are coming up quickly, with the world finally realizing the need to save energy. This time, it’s kettles that go eco-friendly. This kettle by Kenwood is eco-friendly and with … Continue reading3

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    A schoolyard that generates power, collects rainwater and sorts waste

    Posted on by shvveta

    Here is one schoolyard that teaches with a difference. Edible schoolyard along with Work AC and the Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Foundation has designed a new schoolyard that has a series of interlinked sustainable systems where the building will produce … Continue reading3

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    Human power stored to assist riding the bicycle!

    Posted on by shvveta

    Now here’s a bicycle I’ve always been patiently waiting for. A bicycle that charges its own battery with human power, has a booster and also is foldable. Isn’t that just too cool? Using its very own lithium-ion-polymer battery, the “BiCX” … Continue reading3

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    The ‘Energy Roof’ – Perugia’s latest solar-powered architectural innovation

    Posted on by gavril

    A roof that generates electricity and looks like an architectural wonder will be used as a canopy along the Via Mazzini in Perugia. Designed by Wolf D. Prix, Design Principal and CEO of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, the ‘Energy Roof’ will generate … Continue reading3

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    Poosh decomposes human waste to produce rich fertilizer

    Posted on by shvveta

    Poop management in several under developed countries is a major problem these days. With children and even adults who take to the open fields to answer the natures call, it gets hazardous when it comes to health and contamination of … Continue reading3

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    Dallas Project in Texas uses renewable sources of energy in its architecture

    Posted on by shvveta

    With the environment degradation constantly happening, it is essential we come up with smart architectural solutions that harvest regenerative power of the environments and buildings’ natural systems. A new project which consists of a full city block in Dallas, Texas … Continue reading3

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    Households overcharged and energy companies making millions out of it

    Posted on by anoop

    It seems that energy companies are overcharging households to the tune of an extra 1.6 billion pounds a year by failing to pass on the total fall in wholesale prices to customers. Gas prices have to be atleast 7.4 percent … Continue reading3

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