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    Elgato Eve Energy guilts you by sharing your energy usage stats

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    There’s nothing better to convince you to conserve energy than a monitor that keeps updating you with your usage stats. Elgato has introduced the Eve Energy, a device that plugs into your wall and connects with your smart device. The … Continue reading3

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    The biggest loser amongst them all, colleges across US and Canada

    Posted on by gavril

    Now being the “Biggest Loser” has never been all that great before. We’d probably hide our faces in shame for that. It does depend on what you’ve lost though. For about 40 colleges across the United States and Canada, the … Continue reading3

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    Cardboard record packing that plays the record without electricity

    Posted on by gavril

    Innovative and eco-friendly products are usually eye-catching. Well, here’s a product that takes the green concept to an entirely different universe. A sound engineering company known as GGRP is up with a record. Well, the record isn’t really the green … Continue reading3

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