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    Seat Duna dune buggy comes with cleverly hidden solar panels

    Posted on by anoop

    Spanish designer Miguel-Angel Iranzo Sanchez has designed the Seat Brisa’s successor, the Duna, which looks more like a car and has cleverly embedded the solar panels in the hood. It is a beach buggy running on electricity and is based … Continue reading3

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    Agreement between automobile makers and energy firms on standard electric vehicle plugs

    Posted on by shilpa

    Automakers and energy firms the world over have reportedly agreed to a single standard when it comes to electric vehicle plugs. Germany’s RWE has announced that automakers and energy firms have finally come together on a standard for these plugs. … Continue reading3

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    Hummer H3 Range-Extended Electric Vehicle plugs in to reduce carbon footprints

    Posted on by deepa

    Hummer is all set to put all an end to its non-eco-friendly image. Known as a gas guzzling beast, the Hummer H3 is going in for a green makeover. FEV and Raser Technologies have teamed up to unveil a HUMMER … Continue reading3

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    Japan develops the most efficient electric motor

    Posted on by deepa

    The current green trend of electric vehicles filling up our roads seems to be promising for a cleaner environment in the near future. But many such vehicles still lack the capacity to deliver the speed that gas-guzzling vehicles can do … Continue reading3

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    P.U.M.A – A compact two-seater electric vehicle for the metros

    Posted on by deepa

    What does P.U.M.A stand for? Well it is expanded to Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility vehicle. And this is the latest project by General Motors. They have teamed up with Segway Inc to shape up this prototype two-seat electric vehicle. … Continue reading3

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    Powered Body Board – Solar powered electric sea-scooter turns into sub too

    Posted on by deepa

    As scorching sunrays pierce through the atmosphere to heat up our planet to unbearable limits, people take to water bodies to beat the heat. Kevin O’Doherty has conceived a well-designed product that promises to lure many more to hit the … Continue reading3

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    Jaguar’s lure eco-drivers with a range of hybrid vehicles concepts

    Posted on by deepa

    Jaguar, the name synonymous to luxury till now will hence forth also be synonymous with eco-friendly. The auto-maker is gearing up to spice the world of green vehicles with three concepts. Based on Jaguar’s XJ luxury sedan, Limo Green is … Continue reading3

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    Coulomb Technologies’ new electric car energy station for San Francisco

    Posted on by shilpa

    You have your fuel station, now you will have your energy station. If you own an electric vehicle and you live in San Francisco you can charge your car at any of three charging stations across the city. Coulomb Technologies … Continue reading3

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    Warning Bulb to warn you on lost energy and empty pockets

    Posted on by shilpa

    Designers Ga-Ye Kim, Young-Duk Song and Yoon-Sun Yang have invented something that can help you save electricity and money on bills. This is the Warning Bulb which does just that – warns you when you spend more than your given … Continue reading3

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    Rinspeed iChange sports an electric heart with a pop-out rear end

    Posted on by deepa

    If you are green at heart but dare to challenge the speed then Rinspeed iChange is the car for you. Garnering attention as the world’s first adaptive car-body, this speed devil can convert from a single seater into a three … Continue reading3

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