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    Smart cars whizzing by North America’s streets will soon be all electric

    Posted on by Shilpa Chatterjee

    The streets of North America will soon be a platform for electricity-powered, a.k.a. green smart cars. In a recent letter, (obtained by publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and reviewed by Reuters), German auto giant Daimler claimed that shortly, their gas-powered smart … Continue reading3

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    Startup Faraday Future joins Aston Martin to take on Tesla in E-car market

    Posted on by Gareth Mankoo

    Faraday Future is a startup that is gradually turning heads with its promise of a future filled with some rather rad electric cars. Based out of California, the company has taken its next big leap by partnering with Aston Martin … Continue reading3

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    Rechargeable shopping cart that you can ride around your shopping mall, the Z-Cart

    Posted on by gavril

    So you couldn’t pick up some of those awesome discounted products from your local mall, just because your shopping cart was just too small to accommodate it all. Well, that’s something you wouldn’t need to suffer from in future, with … Continue reading3

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