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    Romet Motors unveils 4E NEV for a little drive around your neighborhood

    Posted on by gavril

    Now we’ve seen Romet Motors based in Poland, come up with motorcycles, scooters and ATVs before. The company recently pulled the veil of a two-seat neighborhood electric vehicle. The NEV known as the 4E (Electric, Economic, Ecologic and Easy) is … Continue reading3

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    ECord – An eco-friendly cord that brings energy leakage to light

    Posted on by deepa

    What’s that one thing that stands true for economy, electric, energy, and environment? ECord is the correct answer! Conceptualized to protect environment by efficiently reducing energy waste due to the ‘Standby Power’, ECord simply indicates the wastage by changing its … Continue reading3

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    Medicos recycle auto parts in to an affordable incubator

    Posted on by deepa

    Even medical students and institutes exhibit their green spirit by designing an incubator out of recycled auto parts. Intending to offer an efficient yet affordable version of the high-tech, incubators, and the inventors of this car parts incubator belong to … Continue reading3

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