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    Electric network-based Rinspeed microMAX concept cars could be future taxis

    Posted on by gavril

    There is no denying that present-day modes of transport are in for a greener and more eco-friendly transition. In the future, the way we travel will turn more environment-friendly and one of the concepts contributing to this change is the … Continue reading3

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    Bombardier to test electric bus induction charging system

    Posted on by gavril

    Mass transit systems around the world work as an eco-friendly way to travel, given the fact that these transportation modes encourage people to leave their personal vehicles at home, decreasing the use of fossil fuels and the levels of carbon … Continue reading3

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    UPS Takes Eco-Friendly Deliveries Across California

    Posted on by iona

    As part of its eco-friendly delivery scheme, UPS is putting 100 new electric trucks on Californian roads. It already has 30 electric trucks delivering goods on the roads of Europe and New York, as well as 2,500 alternative fuel vehicles … Continue reading3

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    Pedal-powered Freewheelin’ “buses” make travelling to the Democratic National Convention greener

    Posted on by gavril

    People travelling to the Democratic National Convention to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be introduced to a green-as-a-leaf way to get around town using an energy-efficient public transportation system envisioned and developed by the Humana insurance company. Called … Continue reading3

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    Green Sky Growers are all about eco-friendly farming

    Posted on by shubha

    All we’ve known about our whole life is that plants and veggies grow on the soil and die when they’re uprooted. But the Green Sky Growers have uprooted the notion itself by employing a completely novel technique called Aquaponics. The … Continue reading3

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    Singaporean scientists develop eco-friendly waste-separating toilet that helps generate energy

    Posted on by gavril

    Toilets have never amounted to more than places to answer nature’s beckoning before. However, a bunch of scientists thought differently, and have come up with a super eco-friendly toile t that not only uses 90% less water than the conventional … Continue reading3

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    Ray of hope for students with One Laptop Per Child eco-friendly tablet

    Posted on by shilpa

    Let us be honest – a laptop is something that is growing to be a necessity, much more than just a want or luxury. While companies race to develop technologies to meet consumer requirements and comfort, few pay attention to … Continue reading3

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    Ridekick turns common bicycles into electricity-powered eco-friendly wheels

    Posted on by gavril

    Tired of peddling away? Well, this little add-on for your bicycle is designed to reduce the effort you put into bicycling, in an eco-friendly way. Called the Ridekick, short for a rider’s sidekick, or so we guess, this unit with … Continue reading3

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    Fisker Karma raises the green bar with eco-friendly leather

    Posted on by gavril

    American automaker, Fisker Automotive, recently pulled the veil off this beauty, christened the Karma. Probably one of the most luxurious plug-in hybrids you could buy today, the Karma was named “Luxury Car of the Year” recently by the BBC Top … Continue reading3

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    Nissan pioneers eco friendly future with solar battery system

    Posted on by shilpa

    Nissan has been awarded the 2011 World Car of the Year for its electric vehicle Nissan Leaf. The car is ranked as the most efficient EPA certified vehicle in the US for all fuels. The company is very serious about … Continue reading3

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