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    Coca-Cola India to use eKOCool solar-powered cooler in rural areas

    Posted on by gavril

    Selling off a chilled bottle of cola in areas disconnected regularly from the grid thanks to overload grids and indecent electricity supply can be a downright pain in the backside, especially in rural India and similar places dotting the earth. … Continue reading3

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    ECOoler cools home with water, without electricity

    Posted on by gavril

    The sun is shining and those pearly drops of sweat are busy making their way down your brow. You’re home sure needs cooling and we’ve just found a new eco-friendly way to do so, without the use of electricity! Designers … Continue reading3

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    Solar powered cooler on wheels, the Solar Cool

    Posted on by gavril

    Ever wondered how that jolly old man on his tricycle keeps those ice-creams he sells cool on hot summer days? Fossil fuel generators or electricity powered ones maybe. Well, you don’t really need to think all that much, especially with … Continue reading3

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    Thermodynamic cooler helps to store perishable food items

    Posted on by Shruti Shree

    With increasing technology new products come into the market everyday, the thermodynamic cooler is one among the latest inventions. This cooler designed by Rochus Jacob, works on the basic technology of transfer and optimization used mainly in emerging countries for … Continue reading3

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