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    Coke and Mentos powered car set a record for the longest distance traveled

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve been flag-bearers of all that’s green and alternative-fuel-use has been one of those things we’ve been vocalizing. However, experimenting duo Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz seem to have taken the whole “alternate-fuels” concept in a slightly twisted way, with … Continue reading3

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    Johannesburg plays host to the Coke Man, a giant figure made from recycled Coca-Cola cases

    Posted on by gavril

    Is that an Optimus Prime? Is that an oversized Super Mario? Hell no! It’s Coke Man! Here’s something that could give all those colossal and gigantic Transformer figures made from recycled stuff a tough time. Coke Man. This giant figure, … Continue reading3

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    Coca-Cola and Pepsi vie for ‘Who is the greenest of all?’

    Posted on by deepa

    Greenlaunches has been following the green war of the Cola giants. We have kept a tab on Coca-Cola’s green moves and Pepsi’s green steps. Today I am back with more insight on this Green Cola War. A certain study states … Continue reading3

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