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    Coca-Cola powers African grocery kiosks with solar energy

    Posted on by gavril

    One of the world’s most popular cola manufacturers, Coca-Cola, is bringing greener technology to Africa in order to secure its stance in the African market. The company has joined hands with One Degree Solar to bring solar energy to grid-free … Continue reading3

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    Coca Cola and Will I Am Upcycle Garbage Into Accessories

    Posted on by iona

    Will I Am and Coca Cola have teamed up on an upcycle initiative to educate consumers about waste and recycling. Their new brand ‘ekocycle’, features a funky range of clothing, headphones and smartphone cases made almost entirely from waste plastic … Continue reading3

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    Nendo recycles old Coca Cola bottles into modern dishware!

    Posted on by gavril

    Planning to throw away that empty bottle of Cola? Well, stop and think again. This usually disposed item could easily be given a new life and recycled into an eye-catching piece of modern dishware, using a bit of innovation and … Continue reading3

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    Energy-efficient vending machine by Coca Cola cools during the night time

    Posted on by gavril

    Vending machines that pop out chilled cans of soda are essentially refrigerators that more often than not suck in considerable amounts of energy. Throw in a few hundred of these and scatter them around a city and you’re bound to … Continue reading3

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    Coca-Cola to recycle PET bottles helping turn 2012 London Olympics green

    Posted on by gavril

    With the 2012 London Olympics coming up, Coca-Cola is now gearing up to make sure the mess is cleaned up, well in advance. In a joint venture with ECO Plastics, Coca-Cola will soon kick off operations at Continuum Recycling located … Continue reading3

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    Coca-Cola to use zero-emission all-electric eStar delivery trucks soon

    Posted on by gavril

    Coca-Cola has indulged in some pretty green activities before, in an attempt to save the planet from impending doom. And in yet another attempt to wipe itself clean of its carbon footprint, the soft-drink giant has now put to service … Continue reading3

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    Coca-Cola India to use eKOCool solar-powered cooler in rural areas

    Posted on by gavril

    Selling off a chilled bottle of cola in areas disconnected regularly from the grid thanks to overload grids and indecent electricity supply can be a downright pain in the backside, especially in rural India and similar places dotting the earth. … Continue reading3

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    Recycle aluminum cans and beverage bottles using Coke’s Reimagine Beverage Container

    Posted on by gavril

    Coke has now come up with a new way to have all those cans and bottles of yours recycled. The firm has pulled the veil of a contraption, called the Reimagine Beverage Container. Simply collect all your cans and beverage … Continue reading3

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    Johannesburg plays host to the Coke Man, a giant figure made from recycled Coca-Cola cases

    Posted on by gavril

    Is that an Optimus Prime? Is that an oversized Super Mario? Hell no! It’s Coke Man! Here’s something that could give all those colossal and gigantic Transformer figures made from recycled stuff a tough time. Coke Man. This giant figure, … Continue reading3

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    Coca-Cola China’s eco-friendly Ice Dew light weight bottle pops up in time for the Shanghai Expo 2010

    Posted on by gavril

    Coca-Cola China has gone green with their newly launched eco-friendly bottle. These bottles, to be used for the drinking water brand, Ice Dew, are the lightest bottles of their size on the Chinese beverage market. Coca-Cola, the main sponsor of … Continue reading3

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