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    Wearable Solar, a line of clothing integrated with solar panels

    Posted on by gavril

    While solar panels work as a great way to generate alternative energy, these, combined with the right amount of innovation and a sense of fashion, could also pretty much turn into a style statement! The Wearable Solar project, begun by … Continue reading3

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    Omni-Freeze Ice, clothing that keeps you ice-cool in summers

    Posted on by gavril

    During the heated months, we all tend to stay in the shelter of our homes and offices for longer, without spending too much time exposed to the sun, instead preferring air conditioning to keep us cool. For those who spend … Continue reading3

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    Clothing inspired by SolarWorld’s photovoltaic cells to feature at Portland Fashion Week

    Posted on by gavril

    Now renewable energy has never really turned into a fashion inspiration before. Though, a company like SolarWorld sponsoring an event like the Portland Fashion Week is sure to have designers think weird and extra-ordinary while drawing the sketches for their … Continue reading3

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    Clothing Extruder, the clothing recycling machine

    Posted on by gavril

    Bored of that fading old t-shirt of yours? Planning on a new wardrobe? An entry at the Electrolux 2010 Design Competition could be the solution of your problems, a machine that recycles your old clothes for new ones! Designer Liz … Continue reading3

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