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    RFID chips used to tag trees by timber companies now made of wood

    Posted on by gavril

    Did you know the trees that are felled for production of wooden products are tagged? Well, it might seem surprising, but trees are embedded with RFID tags that helps logging companies keep a track on the destination and origin of … Continue reading3

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    Construction begins on TSMC’s new eco-friendly foundry

    Posted on by gavril

    Taiwanese chip maker TSMC has recently started up on its newest project, a green one that too, with the construction of its third 300mm wafer plant. Now we aren’t talking about those oily potato chips and wafers, we’re going on … Continue reading3

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    California state tells chip makers to watch and curtail their greenhouse gas emissions

    Posted on by shilpa

    Whether you like it or not, now on saving the environment is going to be a serious affair. California is taking the lead in the US by being the first to regulate highly potent greenhouse gases which are mainly used … Continue reading3

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