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    Future Saab 9-5 to cut down on Co2 emissions for cleaner drives

    Posted on by gavril

    Saab’s 9-5 2.0TiD is all set to go a shade greener, and a lot cleaner too. The car will adopt a whole new avatar and cut down on all those little substances spewing out of the tail pipe that make … Continue reading3

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    Will ‘Smart Fridges’ Redeem Themselves Using Green Technology?

    Posted on by madhuri

    Refrigerators and air conditioners have always been seen as main culprit for depletion of ozone layer and energy consumption. But with green technology now things may change, fridges have already become “smart fridges” by cutting down power use of freezers … Continue reading3

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    Most Polluting Coal Power Plants around the Globe

    Posted on by madhuri

    Want to have a look at serious CO2 offenders around the globe? Forbes.com has compiled comprehensive data along with interactive map to identify 200 most polluting power plants in the world. These are the dirtiest of the lot. The interactive … Continue reading3

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