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    Inspired by Prius, this bicycle is based on brainwave operated shifter

    Posted on by gavril

    If the Toyota Prius was to chuck away two of its wheels and transform into a bicycle, here’s a taste of what it would seem like! Developed by bicycle bigshot, Parlee Cycles, this bike was inspired by the best-selling hybrid, … Continue reading3

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    Printing out lithium polymer batteries, the latest brainwave around

    Posted on by gavril

    Printing out lithium polymer batteries may seem out of the box and weird, but that’s exactly what a bunch of Japanese researches are working on. Trust the Japanese to come up with some real innovative ideas. Led by Advanced Materials … Continue reading3

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    High capacity lithium ion cells is Panasonic’s latest brainwave

    Posted on by gavril

    The lithium ion technology is gaining impetus with the release of such batteries by a whole lot of companies. Panasonic is now working on its 3.1 Ah 18650 lithium ion cells. Panasonic’s newly acquired company, Sanyo, recently released the Eneloop … Continue reading3

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