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    Christmas tree made out of recycled bottles in Israel

    Posted on by gavril

    The Christmas season is here, and everyone’s busy with their yearly shopping sprees as the world embraces the spirit of Christmas. An integral part of the Christmas season is the Yule Tree or the Christmas tree as we know it. … Continue reading3

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    Reverse vending machines hand out cash in return for trash

    Posted on by gavril

    Popping out drinks and food isn’t all vending machines do. We’ve come across reverse vending machines like the Envirobank before. Here’s yet another reverse vending machine that sucks in your trash and hands out cash. The Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) … Continue reading3

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    Bottles to be recycled to build a sports court in Vancouver

    Posted on by shvveta

    With the Copenhagen summit on and everyone talking about global warming and figuring ways to tackle the environmental hazards at the Vancouver Winter Games, new ways and schemes have been thought of to spread awareness. They believe that the beverage … Continue reading3

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    Biodegradable, Recyclable, Compostable bottles by Aquamantra

    Posted on by shilpa

    The one thing that folks carry with them during travelling is mineral water bottles. No one can trust tap water anywhere and so for years the amount of toxic that has been accumulating from these bottles would have been phenomenal. … Continue reading3

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    Win an eco-friendly Matt & Nat bag by tipping about ways to recycle plastic bottles

    Posted on by deepa

    Readers, it is time to take a break from reading about all the green products and technology on Greenlaunches. Spare a few minutes to churn out some interesting recycling ideas for used plastic bottles. Instead directing them to the landfills, … Continue reading3

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    Solarbulb soaks sun and recycles bottles to get rid of darkness

    Posted on by deepa

    Top used plastic bottles with Solarbulb and arrange for an eco-friendly light source for your patio. Recycling those unwanted bottles couldn’t get better! Fitted with 0.18 W solar cells, this alfresco lamp can get rid of the darkness for 6 … Continue reading3

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    Recycled Ski Wine Rack will hold the bottles tight

    Posted on by deepa

    Party time is behind us and its time to get back to the grind. So pack away those wine bottles by piling ’em up on a suitable wine rack. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box wine rack, then the … Continue reading3

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