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    Method developed to make diesel from solar energy, water and CO2

    Posted on by ayush

    Though biofuels are an acceptable alternative to conventional fossil fuels, their production is not commercialized on a large scale due to various problems associated with them such as disposal of the waste generated. Joule Biotechnologies has invented a new concept … Continue reading3

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    Stalled Boston Project back in business with Bio-Fuel Eco pods

    Posted on by anoop

    The construction was stopped way back in November 2008 of the Filene development that was being carried out in downtown Boston. The building barely has a shell. The bones of the building are already there but sub street level there … Continue reading3

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    Is mud the perfect bio-fuel we are looking for?

    Posted on by anoop

    There are hundreds of companies looking for that perfect bio-fuel because of the problems with corn ethanol and also the usage of electric cars because of the many problems that it faces. One such company is Qteros that has discovered … Continue reading3

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    The LooWatt toilet transforms poo to energy

    Posted on by monali

    Virginia Gardine has taking poo to the next level, literally! She is the woman behind the innovative design of LooWatt, a toilet that converts excreta to energy. To begin with, LooWatt is made of 90% horse dung and features a … Continue reading3

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    Human waste to be used to power vehicles and save cash

    Posted on by anoop

    Hamilton is setting itself to be the first Canadian Municipality where every flush of a toilet will be fueling a city vehicle. The technology being used in several European countries for decades, will allow the city to harvest methane gas … Continue reading3

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    Transportation is more efficient on bioelectricity than biofuels

    Posted on by anoop

    A new study has revealed that cars powered by bioelectricity can travel 81% more than the ones powered by biofuels like ethanol. They also produce much lesser greenhouse gases than vehicles powered by ethanol. It also reveals that alternative bioenergy … Continue reading3

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    Off-shore algae harvesting in plastic bags for biofuel – NASA

    Posted on by anoop

    NASA is developing excellent technologies from time to time for improving the quality of life and also to make the world a sustainable and a better place to live in. The hope for algae to be commercially viable source of … Continue reading3

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    Carbon dioxide can now be turned into biofuels

    Posted on by shilpa

    Singaporean researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology have devised a way to convert carbon dioxide into clean-burning biofuel methanol, using a safe, non-toxic process. This breakthrough scientific discovery was printed in the chemistry journal, Angewandte Chemie. Scientists have … Continue reading3

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    Bentley Continental Supersports is mean and green

    Posted on by anoop

    Bentley’s new model, Continental Supersports, will be the first Bentley that will be capable of running on both gasoline and biofuel, pioneering the use of FlexFuel technology in high end cars. The car comes with a 6 liter W12 twin-turbocharged … Continue reading3

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    Queen of England switches over to biofuel powered Bentleys

    Posted on by deepa

    With the media monitoring every move of theirs, it is difficult for the Royal family to keep the glare of publicity at bay. However it’s the green limelight that they won’t mind basking in. The latest from Buckingham Palace is … Continue reading3

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