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    Volkswagen attempts untraditional way to dispose of advertising material, makes ads edible

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve known paper to have been recycled before and a bunch of firms today are switching over to recycled paper-use in an attempt to decrease deforestation. Volkswagen however, went a step further in keeping waste paper out of dumping yards. … Continue reading3

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    Opalio Powerbanner charges up with the sun

    Posted on by gavril

    We’ve heard of environment-friendly green billboards before, like the one’s that showed up at Times Square in New York. Here’s yet another way to advertise, with a green touch to it. Billboards as we know them are energy hogs, sucking … Continue reading3

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    Larry Hagman to promote solar energy in SolarWorld advertisement

    Posted on by gavril

    An oil baron probably wouldn’t support a green cause, like the promotion of solar energy, unless he really had a green heart. Well, if you do remember the scheming oil baron from Texas on the television show “Dallas”, here’s news … Continue reading3

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    Nissan Leaf boasts an iAd, advertisement specially designed for iPhone users

    Posted on by gavril

    The Leaf by Nissan is now a whole lot closer, all you have to do is look into your mobile phone’s screen; if you use an iPhone that is. As always, iPhone users are a bit ahead with the times, … Continue reading3

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    Renault’s electric car ad pulled of air by watchdog

    Posted on by gavril

    Renault has found itself in a soup now for an advertisement on TV. The advertisement exaggerated the company’s environmental credentials of its electric vehicles. Renault claimed that it would launch zero-emission next year. However, viewers complained that electricity used to … Continue reading3

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    Global warming advertisements exxaggerated

    Posted on by gavril

    Global warming is a serious matter that will change the world in future, however, exaggerating the situation is something the Government isn’t really pleased with. The Advertising Standards Authority claimed that the ad’s based on Jack and Jill and Rub-A-Dub-Dub … Continue reading3

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    Advertisement in Brazil encourages urinating while taking a shower to save water

    Posted on by anoop

    An animated video ad has been released in Brazil encouraging people to urinate in showers to save water. It has been aired on TV and has many characters including, Mahatma Gandhi, King Kong, Statue of Liberty, an alien and many … Continue reading3

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    Solar powered e-ink for online ads

    Posted on by shilpa

    It official, everything has to now be solar powered. That is the trend and it is here to stay. Neoluxiim has recently shows that they will use solar powered e-ink in point-of-sale advertising. So as much as those pop up … Continue reading3

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