• Wearing a jacket made of recycled computer keys, not so much of a fashion statement

  • Computer-Keys-Jacket.jpg
    We’ve seen them all, snakes, benches and photo frames, all made from recycled keyboards. The list of things you can design out of old trashed-out keyboards doesn’t stop here! This time we came across a jacket, all sophisticated and dressy, made from recycled keyboards. The perfect outfit for a nerd who enjoys a happy married life with his computer for a nerd’s night out, this jacket is sure to attract a lot of attention. It would do well in a fancy dress party too, if you decide to dress up like a computer keyboard that is. Oh, and this one’s sure going to have people touching you, so if you absolutely hate that, we suggest you leave it at home, and slip on something more subtle.

    Innovative way to recycle though, we wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing something like this, not when you’ve got a more evil-looking T-shirt with a skull made out of recycled computer keys!
    Via – [Gizmodiva]

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on March 28, 2011