• Virus StayWarm fabric made from recycled coffee charcoal keeps you warm

  • virusstaywarm-5.jpgSipping coffee was the only way to stay warm using coffee beans, until now. Californian sports clothing company Virus has just pulled the veil off its new line of exceptional clothing using a one-of-a-kind fabric made from coffee! Using recycled coffee charcoal to produce fabric, Virus’ new line of clothing traps heat close to the skin, keeping you warm. These fabrics can trap heat of up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and uses no chemical treatments or applications for insulation. Called the StayWarm line, these also shield you from harmful UV rays and keep odors away. A great way to stay warm using recycled coffee charcoal, the Virus StayWarm line further promotes recycling as a brilliant way to gather raw materials.


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: on January 30, 2012