• Vintage race car made from recycled scrap is gorgeous junk on wheels

  • car-out-of-recycled-material.jpg
    Like we’ve always been saying, recycling lugs around a ton of advantages indeed! Hailing from Driffield, Stephen Crawford put together all the knowledge he had of recycling and automobiles to come up with this astounding work of recycling and mode of transport combined. Measuring about 21ft (6.4m), Crawford’s car’s made of wood, old mahogany window frames, cake tins and scrap materials, and draws inspiration from a 1924 race car, renowned in its day. Taking about three years to build, Crawford used his farm in Enthorpe as a manger for this one. And the best part is this remarkable car has been put together so cleverly, that to the untrained and unquestioning eye, it seems to be just a regular vintage, with the scrap and recycled stuff going unnoticed.

    This one runs on petrol and costs about £88 a year for insurance. An electric engine however would make Crawford’s brainchild a true green car, and we’re hoping he’s listening in right now.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on June 7, 2011