• Vintage McLaren M8B constructed from recycled cardboard and glue by artist Chris Gilmour

  • Vintage-McLaren-M88-1.jpg
    Maybe you can’t burn the tarmac in this one, or zip across the checkered flag. Maybe it lacks the “vroom” and the adrenaline rush. But then again, this is probably the greenest a vintage sports car ever got. This alter-ego of the McLaren M8B, the car Denny Hulme drove at the 1969 Can-Am, was created for motorsport for enthusiast Bob Rubin by artist Chris Gilmour, who used just glue and cardboard to construct this full-scale model.

    Using factory blueprints, Chris chisels out astounding replicas of cars, complete with interiors. Now don’t try driving this one, it would simply be foolish. Though, it works as a great way to use recycled cardboard, transforming it into a work of art. All it needs is a paintjob, and you’ll probably mistake it for the real thing!

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