• Vancouver goes green; begins cigarette-butt-recycling program

  • cigarette-butt-recycling-program
    Smoking cigarettes destroys your lungs, but that isn’t all the damage these death-sticks do. Cigarette butts are known to choke drains and pollute the environment, given the fact that they take particularly long to blend back into nature. The City of Vancouver decided to give the environment some relief from these destructive cigarette butts and came up with the first recycling program to put to rest these remnants of human vices. Cigarette Waste Brigade pilot project kicked-off with the installation of 110 recycling receptacles.

    These cigarette butts will be collected by TerraCycle, who have also provided the receptacles. The recycling program will create employment and keep the environment safe from this particular form of waste. Here’s hoping that the city of Vancouver does manage to inspire other city administrations across the globe to take a step as such.

    [Via – The-Star]

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