• Used tires recycled into T-Blocks to play the role of buffers

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    Most of us don’t bother about the tires of our vehicles after they have outlived their role. Statistics state that in America alone, out of 300 million cast-off vehicle tires only 10% is put to alternative use. The rest 90% speed off to the landfills or are left about carelessly. However PMGI is riding on these used rubber tires towards a greener mission. Their new waste-tire technology called T-Blocks, produced from old tires and concrete help in soil erosion control and slope protection. An excellent solution for wetlands reconstruction, flood control, dike and levee construction, culverts and weirs, holding ponds, channels and small dams, these T-Blocks can be of optimum use as outstanding sub-foundation stabilizers or crucial point cushions where vibration is a factor.

    The program, “Tire Recycling Cooperative of America”, is member based and where producers will operate as independent businesses for collection, fabrication and T-Block delivery. Each T-Block Operation area will be exclusive and defined by a population of 300,000. read more about the T-Block proposal here.
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