• The White Goat paper converter can recycle paper into toilet paper rolls

  • The White Goat munches up all your useless paper and reproduces toilet paper. And no, we aren’t speaking about a four legged grass munching animal. The White Goat is actually a contraption that the Japanese came up with, that transforms normal paper into toilet paper, without using magic. This might sound silly, but then again, it can be useful in office environments where tons of paper go waste, and toilet paper is required too. These paper converting machines have hit the assembly line and you can get yourself one of them soon. To make you a roll of toilet paper, feed the White Goat around 40 sheets of paper and watch it go.

    Now here’s the hitch, this piece of machinery comes with a hefty price tag. The White Goat will burn a $100,000 in your pocket, though it promises to pop out 200,000 rolls of toilet paper before it needs servicing.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on February 1, 2010