• The Tree-Cycle is a Christmas tree made from recycled bicycles

  • tree-cycle.jpg
    At first, this one seemed to be a Tour De France pileup. A closer look made it seem like a Christmas tree, and that’s exactly what it really is. Who needs those boring old plastic trees standing up in the city square when you could simply pile up a bunch of recycled bicycles to make something like this! Built in Sydney Australia, this product of recycling, known as the Tree-Cycle, took 100 bikes to construct. Standing up 23 feet high, the Tree-Cycle had the bike frames painted green, while coloring the wheels with rainbow colors, giving them the ornament look. The tree is complete with a yellow star, also made out of bikes on the top. Every year, The Rocks in Sydney plays host to a tree made of recycled stuff, like the bottle tree and chair tree that popped up in previous years.

    The tree took 8 weeks to build, and by the looks of it, it sure seems to be a great way to have all those bikes recycled for a festive and green cause.

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