• The Samu Dog Robot recycles your pets poop

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    We all love our pets but not the poop they leave behind. Well to make things easier every time our loving pet decides to answer nature’s call, Tohoku Kankyo, a Japanese based company has come up with an awesome way to dispose off the poop and also food leftovers with its composting baby, the Samu Dog Robot. Using heat and an additive, this robot swallows (sounds disgusting) up all the poop and leftovers and composts it. The poop your pet leaves behind can be harmful if disposed of wrongly using a non-heated compost bin, since it is full of harmful bacteria and parasites, ready to spread diseases. Now here’s the glitch, this awesome composting can that both, you and your pet will simply adore (taken that it is shaped like a dog) is available only in Japan and from specialty importers. Also, this environment friendly way of disposing off leftovers from your table and your pets poop will burn a $900 hole in your pocket.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on January 21, 2010