• The recyclable guitar that you can SMASH

  • recyclable_guitar.jpg
    Do you love rock and roll? Itching to break that electric guitar of yours to impress your fans on-stage? Well, here’s a cheaper and more environment friendly way of breaking your guitar. No, you don’t need to smash your $400 Gibson anymore. Simply use the SMASH, the guitar created strictly for smashing purposes by a Japanese firm called K’s Japan. This electric guitar is like any other, except the fact that it is entirely recyclable once smashed and finished with. There’s more, the guitar also creates a smashingly devastating and destructing sound once smashed. After your done being all cool and angry with your smashed up guitar, simply send the parts back to the company and they’ll assemble it into a new guitar that will be given away to charity.

    Available in black and white and weighing just 2.5 kg, this smash-able guitar costs just $60. Oh! And you need to be 18+ to buy one of these.

    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on February 26, 2010