• The Mountain Dew Christmas tree recycled out of cans

  • Mountain_Dew_Christmas_tree.jpg
    Christmas is just around the corner, and preparations for this cheerful time of the year have begun. But some guys put the concept of recycling to use and twisted and glued together a Christmas tree made entirely of… Mountain Dew cans! This exceptional idea was made possible by using hundreds of soda cans that would probably end up in someone’s garbage bin. A PVC pipe was used as the backbone of this awesome creation, and the cans glued on to the ends of strips of metal wire were fixed to it. A two liter bottle was used as the top with LED lights used to lighten up the Christmas tree. It must have taken a serious effort, love for the environment and the festive spirit to get this tree together. So the next time you sip on your soda, think of a better use for the can in your hand, instead of tossing it in the bin!


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on December 10, 2009