• The Blest Machine melts plastic into oil

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    Plastic is the most useful packaging material man invented, but sadly it’s not bio-degradable. And all that plastic waste cannot be rather is not recycles, only bottles can be reused. So how do we save the planet from a potential choke up? We head Japan for a solution where inventor Akinori Ito has created a device to melt plastic to generate oil! Called as the Blest Machine, the safe to use at home machine melts two pounds of plastic through an electric heater to give you a quart of oil. Since the plastic doesn’t burn, there no CO2 fumes. The oil can be used to power stoves and generators, and can be further refined as gasoline. Priced at a steep $9,500, time to head to the land of the rising sun to go green!


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on October 22, 2010