• Terraviva Domestic Composter turns kitchen waste to plant fodder

  • terravivacomposter.jpg
    Here’s a great idea to not have a stinky kitchen garbage – if you are a vegetarian. Ravel Casela has discovered a way to recycle kitchen waste into fodder for the kitchen plants. What you do is, once you are done with peeling all your vegetables and cleaning, dump the organic waste into the Terraviva Domestic Composter and in a few minutes you will have ground stuff that is great for the plants. You cannot add any residues of meat or non-veg stuff. You can use tea waste, coffee grounds and egg shells as well.

    The Terraviva also looks pretty with nice looking designs but we are not too sure of whether the stench would remain. You can power the device for 20 minutes for one time use which will help take in 7kg or 12 litres of waste.