• Taiwan makes shoes from recycled paper!

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    Girls and shoes cannot live without each other. But in this recession driven economy, it is not feasible to go for a new pair every time you venture into a shoe shop. Taiwan has come up with an ideal solution. They have hit two birds with one stone with their new shoes that are almost entirely made of recycled newspapers. Yes, I agree it is not really a perfect choice for a footwear, but the makers claim the shoe will not get soggy in the rains. This is because every strip of newsprint goes though a long procedure of adding a cotton lining and then a shining plastic coat to give it the durability and sturdiness required for a footwear.

    According to designer Colin Lin, newspaper shoes are hot property in Taiwan, the U.S. as well as Europe. Since their launch late last year, her firm has sold about 4,000 pairs. This is the perfect solution since it will give gratification to a girl and is also very friendly with the environment.

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