• Starbucks to recycle and reuse coffee cups in 2011

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    The next time you probably sip your steaming hot caffeine soaked beverage out of a Starbucks cup, it might just be a recycled one! The firm is planning to go down hard on recycling, and is planning to recycle old cups into new ones, instead of tossing them in the bin. The coffee chain has set targets of having 100% recyclable and reusable cups by 2015. The company, since 2006, has been using fiber from recycled office paper for its cups. Starbucks has Mississippi River Pulp to thank for this, owing to their efforts in having recycled the cups into a pulp suitable to make more cups. The firm plans to start off this recycling program in a major city by 2011, with help from Mississippi River and International Paper.

    We applaud Starbucks on their efforts to go green, beyond just a green logo and hope things go well for this cup recycling project that will keep a few more trees standing, instead of being felled for paper.

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