• Slip on disposable sandals made of recycled paper for airport security checks

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    Many frequent fliers dread the rigorous security checks at various airports. Especially, the part where they have to take off their footwear, and walk barefoot on a floor, where thousands naked feet have tread on.To tackle this problem, Ekosteps, a California company has created innovative disposable footwear made of recycled paper. The recycled paper sandals are intended for a one time use, but the company CEO, Orin France, confirmed that he has worn them for as long as two weeks. These sandals can also be easily carried around in an included bag during several trips. They can also be used to keep your feet clean on airplane carpets, toilet floors and hotel rooms.

    The travelers can simply slip on the sandals to keep there feet away from the germs on the floor while their shoes are being scanned. The lightweight, thin thongs are held by a TSA-approved fiber string. The sandals are not particularly comfortable, as the cardboard bead to hold the sandal between the toes in stiff; and there is no arch support in the pancake-flat foot cradle.
    These footwear are available at www.ekosteps.com in four unisex sizes and a package of five pair costs $20, with $10 extra for shipping.

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