• Shelter for the homeless made by 12 year old

  • Shelter_from_Trash.jpg
    12-year-old Max Wallack stole the show at Design Squad’s “Trash to Treasure” contest with his “Home Dome.” The contest asked kids to repurpose trash into practical inventions. The dome provides shelter for the homeless and is made from plastic, wire and packing peanuts.

    Pretty much, trash. The trash-plex looks like a Mongolian yurt, and let Max walk away with $10,000 and a Dell laptop. He also got a trip to Boston out of it. It was very noble of Max to say that he does not care about the money; all he wants to do is help people. He says that his invention helps improve the living conditions for homeless people, refugees and disaster victims all over the world. Well, this one invention I guess the governments world over should look into seriously.

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