• ‘Save Water Brick’ is a biodegradable brick that absorbs rainwater for consumption

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    Contrary to the conventional clay bricks used for construction, the Save Water Brick design is actually designed to help channelize the water in order to avoid wastage. First of all the brick is made of a mixture of discarded plastic bottles and dried rotting leaves that are molded into bricks. On the outer surface of the brick are funnels that collect rainwater for consumption which is then channelized and supplied to nearby plants or underground tanks. A very eco-friendly concept, but I doubt the practicality of the idea. I personally don’t think the bricks will be sturdy enough to be used for building or house constructions, but maybe other small and temporary constructions like a roof top of a garden or so. As long as we have an environment friendly product, all designs are always welcome!


    Posted in Topics:Recycle, Tags: , on November 3, 2009